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Jo Chapman
unpicked meadow

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Unpicked Meadow 2010

Stockbridge Meadow Nature Reserve, Cambridgshire

Lead artist to design and facilitate a year long residency and community art project in Stockbridge Meadows, Melbourn village creating temporary and permanent artworks. The project included: workshops making temporary artworks on the meadows for all residents, the Artivan, a converted caravan used as a project space, Migrations sound performance and fire party with a lantern parade, Stockbridge Tapestry, a communal artwork, Renga poetry writing parties 4 throughout the year; Renga is a Japanese form of poetry traditional written to coincide with the seasons resulting in a book of poetry and three permanent sculptures which used lines from the poetry written by the residents during the workshops.

Autumn to Winter, Corten steel, laser cut and rolled, 3000 x500mm

Summer to Autumn, stainless steel, laser cut and rolled, 1800 x 900mm

Winter to Spring, powdered coated steel, laser cut and rolled, 1000 x 1200mm