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Jo Chapman
green plant, yellow flower, blue dye

Protector 2013

Art, Villes & Paysage, Maison de la culture, Amiens, France

Art Villes + Paysage: Art Cities + Landscape - Amiens, France and Kings Lynn, Norfolk.

Waide, Out of the Blue: A cross-border INTERREG joint project by Brighton & Hove and Amiens Métropole

Festival of visual art and landscape intervention in the unique environment of the Hortillonnages floating gardens in the river Somme.

A meeting between two cultures and geographical areas, Amiens, France and the towns of King’s Lynn and Brighton & Hove, UK.

Concept - woad - green plant, yellow flower, blue dye. To reflect the process of making woad as a journey through the landscape, reaching a destination marked by a large sculpture. The sculpture is a reference to Amiens market gardening heritage derived from drawings of wooden crates that are used to store plants, vegetable, flowers. The sculpture uses a ‘wonky’ geometry referencing minimalist sculptures.