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Jo Chapman
Linking the Greens

Linking the Greens 2020

Public Art Scheme Concept Proposal (unrealised)

Commissioner: South Gloucestershire Council

One of 3 shortlisted artists to develop a public art scheme for the Linking the Greens project to link the new communities of Emersons Green & Lyde Green across Newlands Bridge.

Stronger together was the overarching theme to explore the uses and structures of composite materials, working with the nearby National Composites Centre. Composites are made from two or more different materials that when combined are stronger than those individual materials by themselves, a metaphor for bringing together the two communities.

To create a series of public art works and opportunities that link the communities of Emersons Green and Lyde Green.

The artworks would consist of a linked pair of landmark sculptures on either side of the bridge that divides the two communities as well as other interventions in the walls, railings and seating. They would address themes of sustainability and embrace technology making links with the nearby Science park

They also reference the use of drapery terms in the making of composites, such as Warp and Weft, Twill, Tow, Satin, bringing together new cutting edge technology and older hand made skills.