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Jo Chapman
Harlow Town

A few other poems (working title) 2021

Public Art Commission, Harlow, UK

Commissioner: Weston Homes

Public Art Consultant: Kath & Company

The commission is to design a permanent artwork as part of a new residential development in Harlow, Essex. The metal panels will line the new entrance avenue at the heart of the development. The site was the former home of Longman Publishing for many years.

The proposed concept is for a functional artwork to design perforated and printed infill panels sitting proud of the external wall. The artwork will be permanent and will provide security and articulation to the car park areas, enhancing the shared public areas of the development.

Using a verse from the 'The Rime of the Ancyent Marinere' by Samuel Taylor Coleridge, first published in The Lyrical Ballards 1798 by Thomas Longman, of Longman Publishing. The artwork will use a map drawing of a visual thesaurus to describe the poem, making the poem into a drawing that explores connections and meanings between words. The words will also make links to Harlow through people and places that are associated with the design and planning of the New Town .

It is intended that the artwork has visual impact and is contemporary, references the story of Longman publishing and explores learning through making connections.