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Jo Chapman

Field 2018

Colindale Gardens, London.

The sculpture was nominated for the PMSA 's 2018 Marsh Award for excellence in Public Sculpture.

Commissioned by Art Projects and Redrow Homes Ltd. The tower is based on imagery from Ranunculus Repens, Buttercups, the enduring spring flower with a creeping growth habit that when held to the face gives a yellow glow. This spring flower and its positive yellow light was the inspiration for the sculpture. The tower is developed from hand drawings of the plants growing in a field in Suffolk near my home, drawn in May the timing of the short flowering season and the proposal coincided perfectly. The drawings were developed into a sculpture of intertwined stems that are growing upwards, gently branching out at the top and with internal lighting providing the yellow glow .

Linking with the natural focus of the site the sculpture is a 3 dimensional drawing, intended to be an uplifting presence for the site having visual impact from a distance through the use of scale, colour and lighting as well as on a more intimate level.

The sculpture is titled Field in memory of my mother who passed away suddenly during the making, Field was her maiden name.