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Jo Chapman
Edward Street Quarter

Gateway Proposal (unrealised) 2021

Edward Street Quarter Public Art, Brighton

New gateway for the commercial and residential development at https://edwardstreetquarter.com/

Commissioners  www.firstbase.com

The proposal came second place, one of 3 shortlisted artists.

Idea 1 Net

Minimal sculptural form inspired by layered fishing nets, geometry and movement. The form is made of repeat shapes that can be built to create an arc.Steel, folded or box section welded. Colours inspired by fishing and ports.

Idea 2 Flow

Organic, linear form that can appear to move through the ground or lean into the buildings like a giant worm. Inspired by curving shapes of seaworms as well as hanging fishing nets and boat ropes. Amphirite is a genus name for seaworms. Amphirite was the consort of Neptune.