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Jo Chapman
da lightsome buoy

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Da Lightsome Buoy 2015-16

Lerwick, Shetland

The sculpture was commissioned by the Pelagic Sculpture Partnership comprising of Shetland Catch, Shetland Fish Producers’ Organisation, Lerwick Port Authority and LHD in association with Shetland Arts to celebrate Shetland’s long association with the pelagic fishing industry

Cast bronze and stainless steel 2m diameter

The commsion also involved a 3 month residency and community engagment project the fish van collection

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Extract from a dedication by Aubrey Jamieson from The Fisherman's Mission

As we pause, this morning for this time of reflection, we especially remember those who never returned from the sea –those who paid the ultimate price. Lord in the quietness of these moments we remember them and we give you thanks for them.

We recall too, many colleagues, crewmates and friends who are no longer with us. As their faces come before us now, Lord we remember them and we give you thanks for them.

We thank you for the hands that have fashioned this beautiful and fitting sculpture. For the inspiration that led to the initiation of the project. For the partners of the project – LHD, Lerwick Port Authority, Shetland Fish Producers Organisation and Shetland Catch.

For the involvement of ‘Shetland Arts’, of ‘Arts and Business Scotland’ and the input of so many individuals and the advisory group.

We are deeply thankful for the hard work, thought, patience, skill and creativity of the artist Jo Chapman and the huge effort that has gone into the design and production over many months.

We now dedicate it to the memory of the many hundreds of our fellow islanders who have given so much of themselves to the Pelagic Industry as well as remembering those who serve so ably today.

As we celebrate this rich and important part of our heritage we thank you for what has gone before, we are deeply grateful for where we stand today and we look with hope and anticipation to the future.