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Jo Chapman
colindale gardens

A new public sculpture for Redrow's new residential development at Colindale Gardens, London.

Art Projects and Redrow Homes Ltd, Colindale Gardens, NW9


Completion due December 2017- Early 2018

Linking with the natural focus of the site, the new sculpture will make use of imagery from the natural world, the drawings will be translated into an intricate layered image that will work around the shape of the sculpture, flowing and organic, a 3d drawing. It is intended to have visual impact from a distance through the use of scale, colour and lighting as well as on a more intimate level.

The sculpture will create a striking landmark that is strong yet fragile, the laser cutting will provide a delicacy and a transparency against the robustness of the material. Reflecting the continuous balance between the urban environment and the force of nature that finds a way to assert itself as tiny plants growing through pavements.

The tower is based on imagery from buttercup flowers, the enduring spring flower that has a creeping growth habit and when held up to the face gives a yellow glow. This spring flower and its positive yellow light was the inspiration for the sculpture. The tower is developed from hand drawings of the plants growing in a field in Suffolk near my home, drawn in May the timing of the short flowering season and the proposal coincided perfectly. The drawings were the developed into a sculpture of intertwined stems that is growing upwards gently branching out at the top and with a yellow glow from inside.