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Jo Chapman
chelsea flower show

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RHS Chelsea Flower Show 2012

Chelsea, London

Commissioned by the Royal Horticultural Society to create an identity for the new Fresh area at the 2012 show and to be used for the following 3 years.

The commission included three sculptures for the pathway roundabouts, signage, logo and graphics. The sculptures were 3d drawings of a Dahlia, the concept was to take a traditional flower and reinvent it into a new and dynamic form. The group of three ‘Dahlias’ were  beacons to draw visitors into the area and to give it a distinctive focus, the orange and grey colours were selected by the RHS to provide an identity, each tower being painted in a different colourway. The commission also included designing a logo, graphics for the storage and Refresh bar as well as 12 new metal signs for the exhibition gardens.


Dah-ly-lia - rolled laser cut, hand painted steel, 3.9m x 1.2m.

Ly-lia-dah - rolled laser cut, hand painted steel, 3.9m x 1.1m

Lia-dah-ly - rolled laser cut, hand painted steel, 3.9m x 1m

Logo design

Cut out vinyl and printed graphics in the Refresh bar

Exhibition garden signs, laser cut, mild steel, powder coated 600x1500mm.

Etched and coloured logo in paving.

Printed fabric for hoarding.